Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Frank Caliendo Today On TV Show At Night

Frank Caliendo Today On TV Show At Night:Frank Caliendo who has been known to be a madtv funnyman and impressionist extraordinaire, will now be viewed online. Frank Caliendo who is also a standout comedian tried to imitate Bush and Obama on Tonight Show. You can judge personally if he really is a great imitator or simply a trying hard one.
Watch Frank Caliendo at the Tonight Show live stream online as his impression continuous to evolve on the tv as well as in the internet. Watch also the notorious Monte Carlo comedian with other cast of Jersey Boys from Palazzo at various online portals. Get to know your favorite Frank Caliendo at the Tonight Show and see if he still the funnyman you have ever heard before.

Nikki Haley Affair

Nikki Haley Affair:Less than 24 hours after allegations emerged of an “inappropriate physical relationship” between Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and political blogger Will Folks, Haley denounced what she called “these distractions.”
Haley was in Greenville for a forum at the Carolina First Center. She wouldn’t talk to reporters before the forum, but allowed some questions afterward.
News 4’s Mandy Gaither asked Haley if Will Folks said anything to her before the allegations came out on his blog.
“No,” said Haley.
“So, you had no idea? You were blind-sided?” said Gaither.
“I mean, look. This is what I will tell you. It is absolutely not true. My husband and I have been married for 13 years. We’ve been faithful to each other,” said Haley. “I will not stop pushing for good government no matter what they throw at me two weeks prior to the election.”
In his blog, Folks, a former staff for Gov. Mark Sanford, said the reason for his admission of an inappropriate physical relationship with Haley was because of “several pieces of information which purportedly document a prior physical relationship” between him and Haley “have begun to be leaked slowly, piece by piece, to members of the mainstream media.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Live Lost

Jimmy Kimmel Live Lost:Jimmy Kimmel Invite Lost Star Josh Holloway:Jimmy Kimmel welcomes “Lost” star Josh Holloway to “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” introducing him as the “great unbuttoner of shirts.

congratulates Holloway on making it to the end of the show alive, joking that if you “get someone to be the designated driver, you can stay alive.” That’s a crack about Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) getting DUIs in Hawaii and then promptly being killed off the show. We’re sure that was just a coincidence.
There’s a great bit about how Holloway is constantly mistaken for Kid Rock and Jimmy cracks, “I get that with Rosie O’Donnell. A lot.”

Rihanna Want to Adopt A Child

Rihanna Want to Adopt A Child:Barbadian singer Rihanna is thinking of adopting a child in the future, as she is scared of giving birth.

The 'Umbrella' hitmaker has divulged her future family plans.

Rihanna said that she is excited to be a mother and she will do whatever it takes to have kids, reports The Daily Star.

"I'm really scared of the actual childbirth situation but I do want to be a mum one day. Even if I have to adopt, I want to be a mum," the 22-year old singer told the In:Demand radio show.

Rihanna is currently dating baseball outfielder Matt Kem

Brittany Murphy Husband Dead

Brittany Murphy Husband Dead:Actress Brittany Murphy''s husband Simon Monjack has died after suffering a suspected heart attack. Monjack was found dead at his Hollywood Hills home last night.

The screenwriter''s death comes just five months after Murphy, 32, died after collapsing in the shower. Monjack''s death is being investigated by the Los Angeles police department.

Sergeant Louie Lozano said police responded to a 911 call from his Hollywood Hills home for ''unspecified medical aid'' at a 9:24 pm, the Los Angeles Times reported. "We have detectives at scene.

They are conducting their investigation. Once we have further information, we will provide it," Lozano said.

Murphy had died of cardiac arrest on December 20. The screenwriter later recalled how he had tried to administer CPR in vain.

Monjack had caused controversy when he tried to persuade investigators not to have a post-mortem carried out on Murphy''s body. But he said he couldn''t bear the idea of having his wife''s body cut open, and called the coroner relentlessly - but to no avail.

Murphy''s death investigation showed that the actress died from pneumonia complicated by an iron deficiency, anaemia and multiple drug intoxication. Coroners officials said Murphy had gone into sudden cardiac arrest because of drug intake.

Her death was classified as an accident. The actress shot to fame in the 1995 with blockbuster Clueless and went on to work in ''Just Married''.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shah Rukh Perform In IIFA award show

Shah Rukh Perform In IIFA award show:Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will perform at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards being held in Colombo June 3-5.

'This year Shah Rukh Khan will be performing at IIFA,' Sabas Joseph, one of the directors of Wizcraft that organises the gala, told reporters here.

Meg Ryan Want To Direct A Film

Meg Ryan Want To Direct A Film :Hollywood actress Meg Ryan, known as America''s sweetheart for her roles in romantic films like ''Sleepless in Seattle'' and ''When Harry Met Sally'', is planning to take up direction. The 48-year-old star is in Cannes to raise money for her debut directorial venture, which she plans to begin shooting later this year.

Ryan has been seen in very few films in the past few years and the actress believes that she now has a better chance of making a living working as a director. "We''re about to begin casting but the film''s title is under wraps until we get the full financing," she said.

Ryan attended a party thrown by Vanity Fair magazine in association with Gucci with her producer friend Lawrence Bender.

World Cup Hosting England Is Best

World Cup Hosting England Is Best:Coach Fabio Capello has said that England is the best country to host the World Cup.

The England boss joined the 4,000 people who have backed The Sun's campaign to save the country's 2018 bid.
"This is the best country where you can play football. The transport, the fans, the stadiums, the hotels, everything is good. This is why I think it will be fine for England," he said.