Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angelina Jersey Shore On Mtv

I am not a stranger to all of New Jersey. As the resident expert on the Tube, New Jersey, he should go and say that I will be blogging this season, Jersey Shore on MTV. As a native of New York with New Jersey roots, I must at once that it is quite possible Snooki my distant relative. I promise not to let that influence or bias the reports. Scout honor.

For the uninitiated, Jersey Shore was a pop-culture event of 2009. Casting mostly New Yorkers (and Poly D, of Rhode Island) took the world by storm with his drunken antics mostly while in summer the sea Heights, New Jersey. They are connected activities, drank, fought, they drank more. It was basically a winning formula MTV's peddling over the last decade or so.

What made this was such a different theme. Angelina, JWOWW, Winnie, Snooki, Regulation, DJ D Poli, Sammy and Ronnie were like no other reality TV cast ever. They introduced us to concepts like gorillas Juiceheads, Smushing and GTL - gym, solarium, laundry. These people, in contrast to the usual reality doom Dams, because they are amazing self-consciousness. They know that they are different, they just do not care. They know that standards of beauty, dance, language, and the pairing is different from the majority. It was almost like the National Geographic special study of exotic subculture.

Join me as we follow the tribe of orange skin alcoholics through depravity in this year of the comfort of their ancestral lands in the Northeast and in the heat in Miami. I promise, changes in the environment has very little effect on their behavior.

That's right, guys. JWOWW and Snooki and Poli and Raphael and Leonardo and Donatello, and Michelangelo fit all Bronzer them (as Obama has started assessment sunburn) and ran snowmageddon. They are heading to Miami. Poly (one with hair like a hat, three-angle) and the Regulations are coming down. But the essence Snooki (1 with pompon) and JWOWW (one with 2 puffs). Recreation, Vinnie, Sammy and Ronnie are going by plane. And Angelina Jolie. Remember her? She is one who moved last season with trashbags instead of suitcases and left after like two episodes, because they dared to ask her to work at the store boarded-shirt (work that, let's be honest, already far below the capacity of 15-year-old burnout). Well, she was back. Hooray?

Of course, two roadtrips not without incident. The position and Poly D decided to stop and get fireworks in this way, naturally. Needless to Tanner and hair gel fuel? Anyway, they pullovers in a corn field, to illuminate the sky and their car gets stuck in the mud. So they call Triple A. (path to justice, Pauly D.) Unfortunately, triple truck stuck in the mud, as well. Thus, the second Triple truck shows, and they are back on the road.

The girls decided to stay in a greasy spoon in Georgia. Snooki in love with the fried pickles, and JWOWW inexplicably orders crabs? (Too easy.) Then the local lord brings more shots. He sits down and shows them pumping his fist skills, which are not particularly impressive. Then Snooki said, perhaps the most hilarious sentence ever spoken on television: "Obviously, he wanted to [copulates with] his sister's life." This is brilliant. I can get it tattooed on his chest.

All of them come home and get to select the numbers. All the girls insult Angelina. Sammy feels uncomfortable being around Ronnie, because she still loved him, but she was not sure that he loves her. (He does.)

First things first, they have to hit the clubs. After the show each girl adjusting the split in the mirror, they do! By the very stylish with the stripper poles. They can not even make the drive before the drama comes from the roar. JWOWW doing everything to placate with a heart to heart time with Sammy in the booth for the girls when Angelina leans forward from the back seat and says, but inexplicably: "Oh, wait, wait, wait, you guys, the guys were talking about right now? Oh yeah, that's why all the time [] expletive for me because of why I left. Before. Thank you. Do not you, Sammy. "Well, actually, no. I'll put you in the same category."

No one, including this blogger, it's really quite clear what she says. No matter. It's enough to go JWOWW, someone willing to take Angelina outside (the cab?), And beat her. This one ends without fisticuffs. Bye.

In addition, we can just pause for a moment, and talk about how this is the most over-edited show ever? Seriously, guys, cool it with the old filmstrip effect.

Inside the club, Sammy takes about 2.2 seconds to confront Ronnie about how much he hurt her. Then he says that it hurts him, and blahblahblah. Then he starts to cry a little? And now, this huge guy dressed in Ed Hardy T-shirt as Christmas ham, and wept. When they get back in the car Ronnie calls it the ultimate dirty word. (I'm not even sure that I can with clear conscience say that the letter begins.) These two will get along well the rest of his time here, I'm sure.

Sammy returns home with Snooki and JWOWW, but Ronnie is left behind to makeout and kiss every girl on the spot.

It gets a little Shakespeare, when Angelina witnesses to the crime, and says, as she says Sammy, because they are not friends. I'm sure that Intel does not come into play later.

In general, I'm glad I was a super show back, but this episode was a prelude to our heroes to get back into place. I hope it will pick up next week, when they do not spend half of the first episode of a journey along the eastern coast separately.

What do you think? Who you are very happy to see back?

Jersey Shore conditioning Thursdays at 9 pm on MTV.

Bobby also watch the real housewives of New Jersey, Glee, and America's Next Top Model.

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